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The world, and especially the Middle East, Turkey and Pakistan, are hurting beyond words. War continues to leave millions homeless, hungry and wounded. Christians have become the target of evil. They need to know they are not alone; that someone is praying for them.

The love of God is the only message that gives hope both in this life and for the next. Everyday we share that hope through many types of TV programs for all ages, all in the language and culture they can understand.

And we work with Christian aid ministries who are present on the ground throughout the hurting regions of the Middle East that provide life sustaining food, clothing, housing and medicine. 100% of all funds given specifically for humanitarian efforts goes directly to the organizations working on the ground.

Would you join us in prayer that all of the TV programs, in all of the languages, as they are viewed on phones, computers and TV will penetrate the hearts of the viewers and Jesus will be glorified?

Also pray that our efforts, as we work in partnership with the Christian humanitarian organizations to provide food, warmth and love will be blessed by God to help as many as possible.

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