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The Light of Life Discipleship Project

Light of Life 1
God is all about rebirth. About generations. About fathering. About discipleship.

But discipleship is rare in the Islamic world. Muslims turn to Jesus and struggle in their new found faith because they have no spiritual foundation. Most have no Bible, and many could not read it if they had it. Nor is there anyone to model the life of a disciple of Christ.

To help meet this need, Banner Communications has produced a systematic TV video presentation of the New Testament in the Arabic language. The presentation is composed of six series—190 episodes, 28.5 minutes each—that clearly share the teachings and person of Jesus Christ.

The Gospel of Belief (26 episodes) is a study of John’s Gospel. The Gospel of Jesus the King (52 episodes) studies the Gospel of Matthew. The First Church (30 episodes) examines the Book of Acts. The Unique Christ (30 episodes) answers questions Muslims have about the deity of Jesus. And Alpha & Omega (30 episodes) delves into the mysteries of the Book of Revelation. The School of Ephesus takes Paul’s instruction to the young church in Ancient Ephesus and applies it to the young growing church throughout the Middle East, North Africa and Asia.

Light of Life 3All 190 Arab language episodes, filmed entirely in the Holy Land and the cities along Paul’s missionary journeys, are also dubbed into Turkish and Urdu—the languages where Islam lives; more than 30 percent of the earth’s population. Each episode will also feature English subtitles, along a downloadable Study Guide that expands on the subject and serves as an effective discipleship tool.

The six series have been broadcast through the Middle East and North Africa via SAT-7 Satellite TV, Al Hayat Satellite TV and many other Arab Satellite TV Networks. The Turkish language programs are being broadcast on Kanal Hayat Satellite TV Network. Soon the Zindagi Satellite TV Network will carry the six discipleship series in Urdu.

God has given us the technology. The Holy Spirit is turning hearts. It is the Church’s responsibility to disciple these new believers, lest they be destroyed by superstition, ignorance, and the doctrines of men.

Light of Life IPTV

Building God’s Kingdom in a Digital Global Society

Light of Life 3Picture Netflix. Imagine it packed with all the best, most professionally produced, most effective digital Christian programming in the world, and you have visualized Light of Life IPTV.

Nearly half of the world’s 7.2 billion people are active online, compared to 400 million in 2000.

  • By 2020, 98 percent of the global population is expected to have access to digital TV.
  • Digital TV across the 20 Middle Eastern countries is expected to double between 2010 and 2021, with Turkey accounting for 37 percent of the total.

Throughout the world, Cable and Satellite viewers are jumping ship and going digital. According to Consumer Affairs, “Young viewers seem to be abandoning television the fastest. A study found 14- to 17-year-olds dropping TV at the rate of 33 percent for movies and television shows and 26 percent for sporting events. The decline continues for older demographics until it flattens out for those 55 and older. But even among Baby Boomers, the trend is moving away from TV.

“TV shows and movies are now a viewing staple Light of Life 4on mobile devices of all shapes and sizes, thanks to improved streaming and longer battery life,” said Gavin Mann, Accenture’s global broadcast industry lead. “The second screen viewing experience is where the content creators, broadcasters, and programmers will succeed or fail.

Researchers tracked 165 online video views and 1.53 billion logins over a year, and they found that total TV viewing over the internet grew by 388 percent in mid-2014 compared to the same time a year earlier—a near-quintupling.”

Light of Life IPTV is a digital, video-on-demand Internet TV portal offering the best Christian movies, TV shows, and Children’s programs in Arabic, Turkish, Urdu, and English—four languages that are spoken in more than half of the Earth’s population, much of which Muslim.

Partnering with Jesus Film Media Inc., Christian Broadcasting Network, Light for All Nations, and other Christian movie and TV producers, Banner Communications has assembled a powerful and entertaining treasury of TV shows and movies for all ages, most of which are regionally and culturally specific.

Collecting all the best Christian video content in a single portal displays the spirit of Christian unity, yet maintains the unique integrity of each partner ministry by funneling all viewer feedback and social networking interaction to its source.

The Arabic language continues to be one of the fastest growing language segments using the Internet (36 percent of the world’s 300 million Arabic-speakers are active online). More than half of the world’s 80 million Turks regularly use the Internet and are one of the most active groups on Facebook. Urdu language speakers in India and Pakistan are rapidly catching up with the rest of the world.

Light of Life IPTV is the worlds digital portal to God’s Kingdom.

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